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About My Approach

'When it hurts we return to the banks of certain rivers' - Czeslaw Milosz

Hello and welcome. My name is Christy Reynolds and I am a highly specialist systemic and family psychotherapist with extensive experience in the NHS, public and third sectors registered with the UKCP. My approach fits with the idea that no man is an island; our identities evolve in response to our relationships with others. I can help you to explore the patterns that are causing distress in your life, individually, as a couple, and as a family.

We can think about past and present patterns, which may be internal and emotional, such as becoming overwhelmed with anger or sadness; or relational, such as avoiding intimacy or becoming preoccupied by others' needs. I believe that these patterns have developed over many years, initially for good reasons, as adaptations to help you to cope with life's circumstances. I therefore treat them with respect and thoughtfulness, as we consider how they may no longer be functional or needed.

Together we can challenge these patterns of being and relating, and experiment with visiting the banks of other rivers in thought, feeling, and action.

I have extensive experience working with adults and young people and can offer individual, family, or couple treatment. I often work with those who have experienced trauma, including multiple forms of childhood abuse and neglect, as well as traumas that may be more subtle and difficult to define.

In my practice, I am a flexible therapist, exploring exactly what it is that you need from a therapeutic relationship to realise your hopes and goals for treatment. 

To arrange an initial consultation or find out more, please contact me via our contact page or by email