What benefits can I expect or hope for from a consultation?

We aim to offer a safe and containing space where you can disentangle difficulties in a targeted way and look at them more clearly.  We want you to leave feeling confident in describing your or your loved one's needs, in knowing what options are available to you, and in asking for the right services from the right organisations. We will also make recommendations for any adjustments that can be made right away.

What are the practical aspects of a consultation?

Consultations take place online on a platform that has been agreed between you and your therapist. You will need to have a quiet, private space and a stable internet connection for your meeting. We offer a range of times and days of the week, including weekends and evenings, for consultations. If you are not able to attend your consultation, we ask for at least 24 hours notice.

What kinds of services do you recommend?

This varies but can include advice on key databases to find specific kinds of private therapists; charitable organisations specialised in supporting particular difficulties; public health services with guidance on how to access them; and services available through your local authority, such as education services. Due to our extensive experience, we can share our knowledge of referral criteria and processes to high quality services. We may also recommend self-help resources.

What qualifications and experience will the therapist I meet have?

This will vary depending on the therapist you are matched with, however, all of our therapists have had extensive training and are professionally accredited. They will have significant experience in public and third sector settings. They will have maintained rigorous standards of ongoing supervision and development in line with their regulating body. Prior to your consultation, your therapist can send you details of their professional membership.


I don't want ongoing therapy but would like the opportunity to 'check in' with a professional, is this service right for me?

Considering the vast adaptations we have all had to make to family life in recent times, it can be reassuring to have the opportunity to step back and take stock of what is working well and what is more challenging with an experienced professional. In these situations, it can be helpful to frame a consultation with our service as a 'wellbeing MOT' for yourself or your family. This captures strengths to build on and highlights any areas of vulnerability that could create future difficulty so that preventative action can be taken.

It would be helpful for family members to attend who are reluctant to do so, can anything be done to include them?

We aim for our service to be as accessible as possible. We will explore an individual's reasons for reluctance when arranging the consultation and see if we can address this or approach it creatively. We are experienced in engaging people of all ages and backgrounds who may have doubts about support, or feel anxious about the process. We also understand that communication needs can make talking with a new person online too difficult. In these circumstances we offer adjustments for making the experience more comfortable and, where this is not possible, we can involve the person indirectly by feeding back to them.

Is it possible to have different consultations, or parts of them, with different family members?

Yes, when you arrange your consultation we will discuss with you how best to approach meeting with multiple family members. Sometimes consultations are staggered to manage the sharing of sensitive information and ensure privacy. Sometimes it is appropriate to arrange more than one consultation to create sufficient space for all voices to be heard.

Is your service confidential?

We understand that the material discussed in our consultations is deeply personal and sensitive, and your privacy is extremely important to us. We will always discuss with you how we will maintain confidentiality at the outset of your consultation.