I offer short and long term individual, family and couple psychotherapy with adults, children, and young people, either online or face to face in my consulting room in Sydenham Hill / Dulwich.

When you first make contact with me, we will arrange an initial consultation. During this meeting we will discuss what has brought you to therapy, some of the background to your challenges, and what your hopes would be for treatment.

I am especially interested in working with people who have had negative experiences of therapy previously and who may have mixed feelings about trying to get help again. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if this resistance is coming from the therapist not being the right fit, from our own internal resistance, or some combination of the two. I offer space to think about this at the outset of any work, as well as exploring candidly if I am the right therapist for you. 

Some of the issues I can provide consultation for include:

- the impact of traumatic experiences, including PTSD

- physical and chronic illness

- mental health difficulties, including anxiety and depression

- divorce and separation

- relationship difficulties

- parenting and managing challenging presentations in children and adolescents

- challenges with work or education

- adapting to new life stages

- exploring aspects of personal identity, including gender identity

- bereavement

- stress

To arrange an initial consultation, please contact me via the contact page or by email



In person and online sessions vary between £65 and £100 per meeting depending on whether you are attending as an individual, couple, or family.